UX & UI Designer for Soudfa

I currently work for the social service Soudfa. Soudfa is available for both web, iOS and Android, so I have experience with designing across platforms and am aware of limitations and possibilities for the different platforms.
Soudfa is an international social service targeted at Muslims and Arabs, which means a lot of my expertise lies in understanding the culture and norms of our customers. I have worked with Soudfa for roughly two years, focusing on UX and UI design. The service has undergone a complete design-transformation in my time with them. I have also worked with the design-process itself, moving from unorganised intuition-based design to relying on a complete styleguide and atomic design principles.
To see the live version of Soudfa, feel free to visit Soudfa Web or take a look at the app version on the App Store or Google Play Store

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