Exam project: Interactive Artefact

Wonderwall was an interactive artefact, creating a tangible digital experience.
Wonderwall was a computed artefact, intended to be used as a dividing wall in a room. Currently, dividing walls are ususally made up of connecting sliding modules, which can take quite some time. We borrowed inspiration from the design of shop-window grids that usually slide downward. To take it a step further, we wanted to create a motion similar to that of swiping on a screen.
The final artefact consisted of a spool of fabric embedded in a tree-frame. The spool was powered by a small servo motor controlled by a glove. It was a prototype, and the intended end material would be a stronger one than fabric. The glove itself was fitted with bend-sensors and an accelerometer. The prototype connected the two through wires, however the end-product should be wireless.
The product was programmed in Javascript on an Espruino board.

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